Ganga Bokhy-e Devi Visharjan Darshan 2022

"Ganga Bokhy-e Devi Visharjan Darshan" - An event organized by jupiter traveles to experiance Durga idol immersion darshan from luxuary cruise at River Ganga.

Day of service : 5th Oct, 2022

Route : Cruising in between both the bridges(Howrah and 2nd Hooghly Bridges)

Immersion Showing : Babughat,Gwalior Ghat,Ramkrishnapur Ghat and Shibpur Ghat(we will be stopping at these ghats)

Entertainment Recorded music with folk / song dance performance

Visual display on the vessel showing the immersion through video camera.

Time: 7:00pm to 11:00 pm

Reporting time: 6:30 PM 5th Oct , 2022