Ganga Bokhy-e Devi Visharjan Darshan 2024

"Ganga Bokhy-e Devi Visharjan Darshan" - An event organized by jupiter traveles to experiance Durga idol immersion darshan from luxuary cruise at River Ganga.

Day of service : 13th Oct, 2024

Route : Cruising in between both the bridges(Howrah and 2nd Hooghly Bridges)

Immersion Showing : Babughat,Gwalior Ghat,Ramkrishnapur Ghat and Shibpur Ghat(we will be stopping at these ghats)

Reporting time: 30 Minutes before departure.

Time : 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Price : Rs 1050/- Per Person ( Complementary Evening Snacks)

Time : 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Price : Rs 1999/- Per Person ( Complementary Snacks & Dinner)

Ganga Bokhy-e Devi Visarjan 2024

Day of service : 12th Oct, 2024

Rate 2500/+5%

Reporting Time:7 PM

Sailing Time:7.30 Pm to 10.30 Pm

Showing Of Immersion

Entertainment Program

Welcome Drinks, Snacks And Dinner

Luxury Cruise

Showing at Babughat, Gwalior Ghat, Ramkrishnapur Ghat, Nimtala Ghat, Bagbazar ghat and Shibpur Ghat (we will be stopping at these ghats)